”Bringing space to life” is achieved by being knowledgeable about and sensitive to the people who inhabit the spaces we design. We believe foremost that interiors should be welcoming and comfortable. We achieve this through creative use of space, colour and texture. Inviting furnishings, inspiring artwork and accessories are individually chosen to complement interiors and create a memorable experience.

Adding Value

The success of any project relies on a team approach that fosters communication and cooperation at all levels. Our co-consultants, the client and the construction and marketing teams with whom we closely work are important resources who provide valuable input to Portico’s interior designers. Every detail of a project, no matter how big or small, is researched, considered for relevance and then drawn to exacting specifications. This attention to detail is paramount to arriving at the best possible solution, with the greatest value for dollars spent.


Our expert designers are able to create detailed project drawings in house. Every aspect is part of a project management process that keeps your project on time and on budget.