Another Successful Crawl

Is it really the end of November already??

Luckily for us, that means it is Eastside Culture Crawl time again! A wonderful way to really embrace fall and all that it has to offer. Along with all our friends from last year, we found some great new gems. Rain AND shine, it was a very  successful event this year.

Here at Portico, we are always on the hunt for new local artists to showcase in our projects. Whether it’s a model home, a lobby or a private residence, having that one special piece handcrafted specifically for the project, is always a great, thoughtful touch. Here are a few artists who caught our eye this year:


Eric Louie – Visual Artist



There is a great graphic quality to his work, with a softness in colour. Eric has a great website with many of his pieces showcased.






Cybele Ironside – Abstract Oil Painter

Cybele’s work is fluid and interpretive. The way she plays with light and colour, it was easy to get lost in the brush strokes.





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Johnny Taylor – Artist

Johnny’s ability to create a detailed, deep, cityscape from simple lines, shapes and colours was pretty breathtaking. Big and small, and on various interesting mediums, Johnny’s work is really something you need to see in person.




A vibrant scene that seems to be growing rapidly in our city are the talented woodworkers making anything from record crates, to growler carriers, to charcuterie plates, to intricately handcrafted pieces of furniture. Some great ideas for holiday gifts this year. Check them out!




Union Wood Company

Great handmade furniture and accessories, attention to detail, and just an overall great group of people to interact with. They’ve recently opened up their new work space and have launched a settings and rental division, called Bon Accord.







Hobo Woodworks

A brother team, these guys have a great little shop where they are creating some really lovely specialty pieces. You can tell they have a lot of fun doing what they do.







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Shipway Design

There is something so naturally balanced about mixing wood and concrete. Romney’s work is streamlined and simple; a perfect addition to any living space.


Thanks again to all the great, talented artists who opened up their studios this past weekend!

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