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3437 Roxton Ave., Coquitlam

“Orange is a happening colour, adds

vibrancy and energy. You are happy in

the space because of the colour.”

Tara Wells, Portico Design Group

Custom Art :

Custom Sofa and Tables:

Calibri Design

Accent Chair:

Carbon Chair at

Standing Lamp:

Industrial Revolution on Granville St.

Floor Rug:

Interior Surfaces

Designer Secret:

Art should be hung for the use of the space. Hang at eye level in the living room or put art in a bookshelf to add a splash of color and interest.

Do you love your living room? A generation ago, this space was often off-limits to kids and the family pet, and reserved exclusively for adult guests and cherished heirlooms. With much relief, contemporary living has ushered out stuffy formality and replaced it with relaxed everyday comfort. When you’re ready to unwind, curl up with the Kindle, watch a sitcom or hang out with friends, the living room should be a place that can support relaxation and entertainment in a family-friendly setting, while also being a space to show off your style. Well-planned living rooms often require a little inspiration… Here’s a showcase of four fabulous living rooms, and insight from the interior designers who created these inviting yet lavish living room spaces. Want to know where to buy the essentials, what items to splurge on, how to arrange furniture to by Janine Mackie enhance conversation and the most up-to-date trends to bring your living room to 2013 and beyond? Step inside these local showhomes and discover the building blocks to great decor. “A young hip couple that loves to entertain,” was the personality profile designer Tara Wells of Portico Design Group was given as she styled the model home at ROXTON in Coquitlam’s Burke Mountain community. Obsessed with design, the developer Mosaic Homes has made their mark by creating homes that pack a lot of function into their square footage while also making a big design statement. “The furnishings are very Urban Modern,” describes Wells. “The living room has that fun downtown vibe, yet is extremely comfortable, without being presumptuous.” Taking centre stage is the oversized sectional in stylish neutral gray wool and injected with bold hits of tangerine orange on toss cushions and accent chairs. The look is absolutely ravishing against the warm tones of the maple wood coffee table. Local art and a custom-made clock are the creative touches needed to pull this dramatic space together. “This family can use the room for anything from kids’ play dates to dancing on New Years’ Eve,” says Wells. Multi-functional furniture equips this future friendly space. The sofa pieces move for flexible seating arrangements, the tables are on casters, and the brilliant accent chairs are light and mobile.

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