Happy Chinese New Year

February 10th marks the Chinese New Year.   The “Year of the Water Snake” will usher out the old “Year of the Dragon”.

The Year of the Dragon was an intense year for all of us.  It was either intensely good or intensely bad, there was no in between.  However, the Year of the Water Snake brings good fortune to all of the animal signs.  This only happens once in 9 years, so that is an awesome start for all of us.

This is the year to make your strategy big for your personal and professional areas of your life.  Saving money and being thrifty should be your priorities.  Delusion and deception are common in the Year of the Water Snake, so stay alert.

There is lots of good news this year, with 2013 having all of the five elements present; water, fire, earth, wood, metal and fire.  You will have the chance to make things happen quicker and easier.

We are very fortunate this year with the energies bringing forth more of a sense of calmness, not like the Dragon energy of 2012.  You can now refocus your goals and intentions easier and with more success.

Feng Shui Grandmaster Lillian Too says, “The year’s outlook will be balanced, bringing harmony and fewer problems and obstacles”.  She also explains the elements and their meaning this year.

  • The Wood element is representative of the Wealth Luck.   This means that new wealth will come this year.    (May that will help us all with real estate sales this year!)
  • Earth is the element that represents Resource Luck which means support for your projects and goals.
  • The element of Metal indicates good fortune to all of the animal signs.
  • The element of Fire will benefit the Baby Boomers and provide this wise generation with strengthening their previous way of life to fit in successfully with the younger generation and provide renewed energy.
  • For all of the young people, the element of Water comes with an Intelligence Luck in 2013. The best ideas and creativity will come from this generation to move forward in creating a different world.

Chinese New Year may be a time for friends, family and fun, but is also a time for foreboding as the festival is riddled with superstitions.   Check out some of the most common superstitions below.

  • Make sure all doors and windows are opened at midnight to allow the old year passage.
  • If you wear red clothes, you will be lucky.
  • Make sure all debts are paid back by New Year’s Day.
  • Hearing the crow between the hours of three and seven means gifts are on their way.
  • Ensure your home is prosperous by keeping a flowering plant in bloom, especially on New Year’s Day.
  • Ensure good luck remains by making sure that dirty floors are swept inwardly and dirt is stored in the corners, where it will not be trampled and where it will remain until the New Year has passed.


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